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We are Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish and San Juan County's Attic Mold treatment specialists. We have treated well over a thousand moldy attics in the past 15 years. We know what it takes to properly mitigate mold and prevent it from returning. We treat the mold and apply a preventative to preserve the structure. We offer a 10 year limited warranty on all attic treatments. 

Mold and moisture in the attic causes multiple problems. Premature roof sheathing and structure failure are possible. Even if you have a 50 year roof, if your roof sheathing fails due to rot from the underside, you will require a full roof replacement. Structural failure is also possible with replacement of trusses and joists a real possibility in extreme cases. 

Attic Space mold has a number of causes:

  • Improper insulation installation (say that three times fast!) This is often caused by either batt or improper blow in installations that do not allow for proper airflow. We see frequent failures of the cardboard soffit chute systems used in blown-in installs. In both cases, we hang new soffit chutes that cannot collapse due to moisture, keeping the airflow open from the soffit vents. 


  • Moisture in the building, particularly standing water or inadequate/failed vapor barrier in the crawlspace. This moisture migrates up thru the structure due to something called stack effect and condenses in the attic on the sheathing. 

  • Inadequate ventilation design or bypassing. We see a lot of cases where roofing contractors will install ridge vents in place of a gable vent system and will then leave the gable vents open, thus bypassing the soffit vents and allowing for moisture to build up around the perimeter of the attic. Correction of the venting solves this issue. 

  • Improper Exhaust fan routing. All too often we see bathroom and even dryer vent exhaust fans vented directly into the attic. The common, and lazy practice of running the vent stack up against a roof vent jack is epidemic. This leads to inevitable large quantities of moisture in the attic as well as a fire hazard due to excess lint buildup. We will treat the mold, install the correct exhaust vent and dryer jack thru roof fittings if needed, remove the lint and moisture/mold damaged insulation with our insulation removal system. 

  • Moss, Lichens and Debris on the Roofs. Moss retains a large quantity of water. Lichens will literally eat right thru your shingles. The first step is to call Peak Of Perfection Roof Cleaning, our sister company, to take care of the problem that caused it, followed by mold mitigation.