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Crawlspaces...also known as "that place under the house where you REALLY don't want to go". Crawlspaces are common here in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, they are also one of the biggest contributors to bad indoor air, mold, rot, bugs and that "funky odor". Having a clean, dry crawlspace is crucial to the health of the building and the occupants. 

Why do we say “Sensible” Crawlspace Solutions?

We’ve seen a ton of quotes from other crawlspace contractors for crawlspace solutions. While they undoubtely do very good work, they are often extraordinarily expensive! This is because they are often franchised and their materials pricing and choices are set firmly. While the materials are excellent, they are also up to 10x the cost of what we put in and there is little to no difference in the quality. In some cases we are installing better materials and equipment for less money. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Good solid filter clothed french drain is proven to work at 1/10th the cost of a fancy drain system. Our sump pump works just as well. And our vapor barrier is more cost efficient while still being extremely effective. 

Stack Effect…How Mold Underneath Gets Into Your Building.

How does moisture and mold under the building get into the interior? It all stems from one irreconcilable fact…heat rises. The warm air in your building rises and works its way through and out the roof and attic. This creates low pressure in the builing. Air wants to get in to fill the slight vacuum. We do a great job of sealing all the opening around the perimeter of our building…doors, windows, etc. But the crawlspace has TONS and tons of holes up into the building for plumbing, electrical, heating/air conditioning, etc. So the air is drawn in from the crawlspace and if that crawlspace is infested with mold, rodents, standing water or excess water vapor or bacteria, it is going right into your home. What is the solution? Take care of the water first and foremost, followed by an encapsulated and properly engineered crawlspace system. 

Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family. 

Crawlspaces happen in more than just homes. Multi Family Apartment/Condo complexes as well as Commercial properties often have crawlspaces which are overlooked. We trace many mold and odor issues in commercial and multi-family properties to bad crawlspaces. 

What Does it Cost to Install A Vapor Barrier in Your Crawlspace?

The Answer is…it depends! It depends on which vapor barrier we use, how large your crawlspace is, whether any other work needs to be done. Contact Us to inquire about the costs for your building. 

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