Interior Mold

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We pride ourselves on being the premier mold remediation company in the Puget Sound Region. While we specialize in Attic and Crawlspace Treatments, we’ve done hundreds of interior mold mitigation projects. Proper mold remediation includes a number of steps that assure your building is returned to a safely habitable condition. 

  • Isolation of the area to be remediated is important. Once mold is disturbed, mold releases millions of spores. You want those spores to remain outside your house and not in your house. 
  • Removal of the moldy materials. All easily removed wet/moldy materials are removed. Often materials such as framing can be blasted, treated and then coated with a preventative coating to prevent future growth. 
  • Prevention. This includes repair of the source of the moisture and steps to assure that the mold will not return. 
  • Clearance. Testing is done to assure your and ourselves that the mold has been properly mitigated and return a safe and healty building to you.